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10/17/19 – New AntarcticSurplus NOW AVAILABLE!

Parkas & Antarctic Gear Launch 10/17/19 At 6:00PM EST!

After a two plus year wait, we’re excited to release a whole new shipment of ex-United States Antarctic Program parkas, clothing and gear! We will be releasing the first wave of gear for sale on Thursday 10/17, at 6:00PM EST!

NOTE: Please bear with us as we roll out products – we will be adding more listings for the next few hours. If there are any issues with calculated shipping costs, please contact us!

In addition to a limited number of the famous Canada Goose “Big Red” down parkas, we will also be releasing additional surplus and used Antarctic field gear shipped back from the coldest continent. Here’s a preview of some of the gear we’ll have available:

  • NEW USAP Logo Blue Windbreakers – Purchased by the USAP for use at Palmer Station in Antarctica, but they were manufactured with too few stars on the American flag on the shoulder. Still brand new with tags!
  • Extreme Cold Weather Boots – These standard-issue USAP boots include models such as Baffin Boots, compound ASIC boots, and military-issue white rubber “Bunny Boots”. Designed to keep you warm in temperatures down to -100F!
  • Carhartts Cold Weather Workwear – Ultra-insulated Carhartt overalls and jackets are a favorite among outdoor Antarctic workers
  • Ski Goggles – Smith brand. Required to prevent snow blindness in Antarctica, but just as useful for snow sports anywhere!
  • Long Johns – Military-issue thermal long johns used to be issued by the USAP to scientists and contractors (now you have to bring your own). Several boxes of new old stock were found buried in the snow at the South Pole, and now you too can have one!
  • Polar Wool Socks – Ultra-warm gray wool socks, perfect for Antarctic ski treks (or just cold winter days)
  • Antarctica Souvenirs – Retired stock from various USAP station commissary stores, including commemorative patches, (outdated) Antarctic calendars, keychains, Antarctic photography, and more

This is just a highlights list! Keep an eye on, follow us on Facebook, and be sure to join our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know as new gear becomes available.

Some of the additional products we’ll have ready within the next few weeks include:

  • Olive Drab Military ECW Parkas – Found in storage on an Antarctic base, these vintage parkas were worn by US Navy personnel who were a part of the Naval Antarctic Support Unit (NASU) prior to the beginning of the Air Force’s Operation Deep Freeze in the 1990s.
  • Polar Tents – Used by deep field research parties to camp in some of the remotest areas on earth!
  • USAP Duffel Bags – Retired orange duffels used by USAP members to carry their issued Big Red, Carhartts, and other gear to their stations in Antarctica
  • Miscellaneous ECW – Hats, ski masks, gaiters, sweatshirts, red windbreakers, and more dug out from long-term storage in Antarctica

Everything is first-come-first-served, and we have very limited quantities. For many of these items, especially the vintage clothing, these may well be the very last pieces in existence!

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