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11/01/19 – Second Wave of Antarctic Surplus AVAILABLE NOW!

We’re very excited to once again release a whole new shipment of ex-United States Antarctic Program parkas, clothing and gear! The SECOND wave of gear is available for sale NOW!

NOTE: Please bear with us as we roll out products – we will be adding more listings for the next few hours. If there are any issues with calculated shipping costs, please contact us ASAP so that we can fix it!

Here is the list of items that will become available on our wave 2 release:

  • LIMITED STOCK Military Cold Weather Parkas
  • Tents – NorthFace Westwinds, Sierra Designs SuperFlash, and More!
  • LIMITED STOCK Military Cold Weather Boots
  • Polar Fleece Tops and Bottoms
  • Fleece Cold Weather Caps
  • Carerra Ski Mask Lens (Regular as well as UV Protection)
  • Smith Ski Goggles
  • More Vests from WearGuard, WoolRich, and Wiggy’s Bag!
  • More Big Reds!

In addition to these new listings, we are also releasing our Antarctica Bundles that each have their own exclusive, limited stock Antarctica items stuffed into an Antarctica USAP duffel bag! Once these items are gone, they are gone and we may never have them in stock again!

  • Vintage Souvenir Bundle (Exclusive posters, nightlights, commemorative calendars, patches and vintage USAP bags!)
  • Antarctica Survival Camping Bundle (Exclusive MSR Whisperlite Camp Stoves, tent, Durapeg tent stakes, Smith Goggles, WigWam Socks and USAP Patches)
  • Antarctica Expedition Bundle (Cold Weather Overalls, Kenyon Thermal Long Underwears, Kenyon Fleece Thermal Top, Smith Goggles, Wigwam Socks, USAP Patches)
  • Antarctica Carhartt Heavy Worker’s Bundle (ALL CARHARTT Overalls, Jacket, Jeans, Vest, Smith Goggles, Wigwam Socks, USAP patches)
  • Antarctica Fleece and Lightweight Clothing Bundle (Assorted Fleece Products and items, as well as a pair of Smith Goggles)

Each bundle is packed and shipped in a USAP duffel bag. Some items are guaranteed in each bundle and each item is picked at random out of our stock. That means each bundle order will be unique and it’s own! In your order, you will be specifying your size so that the correct fitting items will be picked out for you.

Questions on this release are directed via email to Pat McGee at [email protected]

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