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“Big Red” Parkas Available Soon!

Big Reds and more, coming soon!

Antarctic Surplus is happy to announce that we (finally) have new stock available! This summer, we succeeded in obtaining our largest load of USAP surplus gear ever, with 400+ retired Big Reds. The parkas are in the process of being refurbished and made ready for sale.

This time around, we will be selling these parkas under individual listings, allowing you to select the perfect parka for you. Each listing will provide all the details about the parka, including, but not limited to:

  • Condition notes (damage, staining, fading, patches)
  • Original serial number
  • Repair/refurbishment notes
  • Ruff material (faux fur vs. coyote)

What other inventory do we have?

  • unloading big reds

We have a bit of everything. Uniform jumpsuits, hats, and more are available on the website now! These items are only a small fraction of what we are preparing for sale. We have cold weather boots, Carhart jackets and overalls, camping gear, ‘South Pole’ green parkas, and more. Some things we have in large quantities; others have very limited stock.

We update our store weekly. Keep an eye on our website blog, our Facebook page, or sign up for our email newsletter for stock updates!

10 thoughts on ““Big Red” Parkas Available Soon!

  1. Hey Hey
    Glad to hear more surplus is in.
    I wonder when and if you inventory, you can find my old Big Red
    The pocket flap code is: 2001 / 3XL / 24

    1. Hi David,

      We’ll keep an eye out! I got your email, and if we happen to have your parka we’ll email you.

    2. Just to quickly update you- we’ve gone through the entirety of our stock and recorded all of the pocket serial codes, and I’m afraid we don’t have it. We do have a limited amount of 3XL parkas though, so keep an eye out for those!

  2. How do I pre order. I want one Large.

    1. Hi Clinton,

      We’re not doing pre-ordering with the parkas. Our pre-auction will be done via eBay with the first few parkas we have that are ready to sell. Everything else will appear on the website bit by bit as they come back from refurbishment, and will sell on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  3. I guess they don’t need Big Reds on the ice anymore with global warming turning Antarctica into a beach paradise 🙂

  4. How will the big red parkas be listed on eBay?

    1. Hi Joe,

      The first few Big Reds that we have ready to sell will be sold via eBay auction, which we will announce on the website and via email. The rest of the Big Reds will be listed individually on the website with static prices, when they are ready to sell.

  5. How will the big red parkas be listed on eBay?

  6. Any news about my green S.P. Parka? Piper

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