United States Antarctic Program High Quality Sticker Pack w/Bonus American Flag Stickers


USAP logo decal stickers and American flag decal stickers. Be sure to also check out our Original Design USAP Morale Patches, the vintage USARP patch design, and the limited-supply commemorative Antarctic path from the South Pole Store.



This is a sticker replica of the United States Antarctic Program parka patch, as featured on the official Antarctic Program “Big Red” parkas and worn by scientists and researchers at the South Pole, McMurdo Station, and other bases across the white continent of Antarctica. The patch is traditionally worn on the breast pocket of Antarctic Program parkas and jackets issued to every researcher or worker visiting the Antarctic.

The design features the outline of Antarctica with the meridians converging at the Geographic South Pole, with the lettering “United States Antarctic Program – National Science Foundation”. Antarctica’s three main ice shelves are colored in aqua blue, while the continent of Antarctica itself is in white.

This original US Government patch design was later copied by Canada Goose, the maker of the official heavy duty “Big Red” down parkas worn by Antarctic researchers, for their popular civilian line of “Canada Goose Arctic Program” parkas.

This beautiful sticker pack is perfect for Antarctic enthusiasts, as a small décor gift for science enthusiasts, or as a vivid addition to a car bumper, window, waterbottle, laptop, or more! Also included are two American flag sticker decals, making this a set of four. These die cut stickers are of excellent quality, made of 4 mils thick, durable vinyl with a clear border for seamless application. The weatherproof Antarctica and flag stickers are designed to be waterproof, UV proof, and scratch resistant.



USAP Stickers: 3.5”x3.5”

Flag Stickers: 3.5”x2”


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 1 in


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